The Sitges Corpus premieres the distinction of Heritage Festival of National Interest Sitges

03 June 2023

This year the Sitges Corpus premieres the distinction of Heritage Festival of National Interest

This distinction is recognition of the maintenance of tradition and festivity throughout the centuries. In Sitges, the first document relating to the celebration of Corpus Christi dates from 1358, in a financial note from the books of the Pia Almoina (held in the Archives of the Cathedral of Barcelona), which governed Sitges and its accounts. Currently, the festivity maintains the carpets of flowers and the exhibition of carnations. According to the organization, 370,000 carnations will adorn the main streets of the town between June 9 and 18. The Corpus de Sitges mentions gastronomy with the collaboration of the chef from Sitges, Oriol Castro (2 Michelin stars) presenting the use of flowers in haute cuisine and also with a tasting of floral gins.

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In this edition, there will be 35 sections of streets with carpets of flowers, which means about 3,000 square meters of the public road decorated. Thanks to the public participation, they will be in charge of preparing the flowers and carpets and will be able to see them on Sunday, June 11. 370,000 carnations, 2 tons of fluff, 500 square meters of grass and 500 more of cypress will be used. In addition to carnations, where white and red are the predominant colors, there will also be Saint John's wort, bougainvillea, Moorish carnation, gerberas and statice. Most of the carnations come from Colombia, but there are also flowers from private gardens or others that everyone buys from florists. One of the special cases this year is the grass, which was normally used that came from the municipal garden, but this year this part has been greatly reduced due to the ban on watering as a restriction due to the drought. In order to have sufficient grass, the Corpus Commission and the Terramar Golf Club have reached an agreement and the grass will be obtained thanks to the collaboration of this sports club.


Eating and walking around Sitges is a pleasure for all the senses

The Mare Nostrum restaurant will be open during regular hours serving traditional specialties such as Paella Marinera, Black Rice or Rap with Prawns with garlic mousseline, among others. All well paired with local floral wines such as Gessamí de Gramona, a Malvasia de Sitges from the Torre del Veguer winery, as well as international wines such as Markus Molitor's Riesling. And do not forget to try our homemade desserts. Take advantage of the good weather to enjoy the party from our terrace overlooking the sea. In the restaurant you will also find paintings with floral motifs by painters who spent long stays in the town such as Josep Miquel Serrano and the Sitget painter Bruno. 


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